These social graphics were designed to promote the release of Re-Scripting Depictions of Abortion On Screen, a guide for entertainment-industry writers by Vicki Shabo and Steph Herold. Partner organizations were sent a zip file of images along with suggested copy, co-written by myself, Vicki, Steph, and media consultant Marisa Nightingale.
Suggested Copy for Instagram: 
With #AbortionRights banned or restricted in more than half the U.S. and under threat nationwide, it’s essential that TV shows and films portray pregnancy decision-making completely and accurately in their storylines. @betterlifelab_newamerica and @ansirhorg teamed up to create a guide to support entertainment-industry creators on #ReScriptingAbortion:
Show-Specific Posts
Suggested copy for Instagram: 
“A huge thank you to [film/show] and all the brilliant creatives who made it happen [tag accounts]. We need more of these compassionate, honest, brave, realistic depictions of abortion and caregiving on TV and film. #ReScriptingAbortion
abortion and paid leave
Suggested copy for Instagram:
The issues of #AbortionAccess and #PaidLeave are intertwined. It’s important to see this context on screen. @betterlifelab_newamerica and @ansirhorg teamed up to create a guide to accurate representation for entertainment-industry creators: #ReScriptingAbortion
Other Graphics
Still graphics designed in Figma
Gifs designed in Photoshop CC
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