This page includes a selection of Instagram posts I designed and published between September 2019 and June 2020 at Teens in Print. Though I continued to work at TiP until July 2021, one of my colleagues took over most of the social media management during the summer of 2020 as my role changed to accommodate the new reality of running online programming. I continued to prepare paid social media advertisements and larger brand and website projects including Writing through the Distance.

The Summer Journalism Institute changed the way editor @malia.mccl thinks about journalism. Want to learn how understand and produce amazing journalism yourself? Apply for SJI at the link in bio! Though COVID-19 has changed our interview process, we are still accepting applications :)

👋It’s our last day of SJI, and we asked our students to tell us what they enjoyed most. After six weeks of Zoom check-ins, playing virtual trivia, shooting TikToks, and writing, our students shared their main takeaways.

Become a source for our teen reporters! A large part of being a journalist is conducting interviews and using different people's expertise to create a story. Click on the link in our bio to become a source for our teen journalists.

TiP’s fall programming cycle begins in October! We’re online-only through at least December 2020, but we’re still providing stipends, publishing opportunities and a virtual community space for teens to connect with other students that go to school across the city.

Know a #Boston teen that might be interested? Have them fill out our interest form at the link in bio for more info! We can’t wait to write together again soon! 🥳

We’re always looking for more sources for our reporters! When you fill out the source list form at the link in our bio, you will be added to a list of sources our TiP reporters will be able to contact if they are writing a story in your area of expertise or involvement. 🧠🤓 This resource is especially important due COVID-19 suspending many in-person events where our reporters might usually connect with interview subjects, so please sign up or share the opportunity if you can!

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